Welcome to Factory Steel Buildings!
Since 1984, we have been involved in the design, development and manufacturing of the highest quality, most erector friendly steel buildings available today!

"Large enough to serve, small enough to care!"

Steel is the answer!ASSISTANCE: We at factory steel buildings look forward to assisting/consulting our customers with their building projects. We appreciate a customer that is concerned with detail. We see your project as our project, and it is very important that the completed project is very appealing.

A building project is a very simple process when you have the knowledge & experience, so remember we are here for you every step of the way, and your building project will turn out beautifully.

If you have purchased a steel building elsewhere and are not getting the support that you thought you would, our consulting services are available to help you complete the project. We realize that a number of companies do not offer this service, but we at Factory Steel Buildings understand your situation and are available 7 days a week by phone (consultation fees do apply).  If the project does require us to be on location then jobsite fees also apply.


All American Made! 

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